Stopsley Striders are no longer British Triathlon affiliated but it doesn't stop members from competing. Here are some tips should you be considering a triathlon for this year.
A target event: there are some short distance races throughout the summer. ATW and Galeforce Events run some locally and are relatively inexpensive.
Strength and fitness: as runners you should have the fitness level for short and some medium distance races. What may be lacking is the strength for the swim and cycle. There are some fitness classes that could be of benefit, such as Pilates, Swimfit and Body Pump that give overall strength and conditioning.
Bike and biking: this becomes the expensive bit. If you already have a bike be it a mountain bike then it can still be used. Consider buying some road tyres and get rid of unnecessary items such as mudguards and racks to keep the weight down. When it comes to buying a "proper" road bike then speak to a knowledgeable cyclist first. It is worth buying a new low-spec bike rather than a cheap second-hand one. Online suppliers such as Ribble, Wiggle and Planet X have some very good deals. Watch out for the sales!
Finally if you have any questions then contact me through the club's Facebook page.
Andy Ward


For more details and how to enter events go to
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Active Training World lists triathlons, cycling and other events.



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